Read Prose Poetry by Anna Zgambo is sold at ZEPH's bookshops, Kalulu Kreativez, Bookworld Zambia, Hazel Online ZM and Grey Matter Zambia.

Book: Read Prose Poetry

Writer: Anna Zgambo

Category: creative writing

Language: English

Year: 2022

Pages: 160

Word count: 8,635

ISBN: 9982-01-471-9

Retail price: 40 kwacha

Publisher: ZEPH

Read Prose Poetry by Anna Zgambo earned a nomination in the creative writing category of the Ngoma Awards 2022.

ZEPH is selling Read Prose Poetry by Anna Zgambo at forty Zambian kwacha per book.

Zambia Educational Publishing House has bookshops in ten provinces.

Zgambo wrote Read Prose Poetry in Lusaka from May 2020 to January 2022. 

The manuscript was submitted to the Publishing Department at ZEPH. 

"I thank ZEPH for publishing, distributing and selling Read Prose Poetry," Anna Zgambo says. "Zambia Educational Publishing House values creative writers."

ZEPH published Read Prose Poetry by Anna Zgambo in 2022. Zambia Educational Publishing House distributed Read Prose Poetry to eleven bookshops.

ZEPH's bookshops are selling Read Prose Poetry at forty kwacha in all ten provinces.

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Read Prose Poetry was endorsed by Dr Cheela Chilala, Maliya Mzyece Sililo, Mbozi T. Haimbe, Dr Antony Goedhals, Marita Banda and more.

Anna Zgambo studied English literature and graduated from the University of Pretoria with the degree Bachelor of Arts Languages in English Studies. She performed poetry at State House during President Hakainde Hichilema's first Investiture Ceremony. Her current mission is to earn the degree Master of Arts in Literature at the University of Zambia. 

Call +260955065455 to hire Anna Zgambo for poetry performances, literature lectures, writing services and English sessions. 

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